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First of all you know we love “American Made” products and lean all our products in that direction. Every once in a while we find a new small company that truly holds the same values towards customers and solid equipment as we do, and when we do we try our best to get the word out about them.

In Sierra Dental Products we not only found some great people but we also earnestly believe in the quality and workmanship of their products. So much so that we are going to offer them at rock bottom prices just to get the word out. There is absolutely NO PLACE you are going to find new products as powerful, efficient, simple, reliable, and cost effective as these.

Not only is it incredible equipment but they also have warranties that are above and beyond other “Big Name” manufacturers with comparable equipment. Funny thing is that there really isn’t any comparable equipment in the size/output/price/reliability of the equipment they make. You can try if you like, but we have been doing this a LONG time… and facts are facts!

Please contact us with any questions or feel free to contact them directly at Sierra Dental Products


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