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DCI Series 4 Post Mount LED Dental Light

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The DCI Series 4 Post Mount Light 120V in White LP4000 or Gray LP4050

DCI has developed an affordable Series of LED Operatory Lights and they are fantastic. Here is what they want you to know about their lights.

DCI Series 4 LED Lights Features Include:


3rd Axis Rotation for Improved Positioning

This image shows the third rotation axis ability on the dci edge series 4 and 5 led light

Dual Membrane Touch Controls

This image shows the dual membrane intensity settings on the dci edge series 4 and 5 led light

Easy Access and Control: Quickly choose and change between three intensity settings of 17,500, 26,000, and 35,000 lux.

Reflective Technology

Uses a Uniform Light Pattern: DCI delivers cutting edge illumination technology by utilizing over 500 reflective facets that bounce light back to the oral cavity. The result is a uniform light pattern that increases visibility for doctors and dental assistants.

Reduces Eye Fatigue/Increases Visibility: Optimal light performance reduces shadows improving illumination of the oral cavity.

More Accurate Shade Matching: 5000 Kelvin color temperature with a color rendering index (CRI) of 90 produces a neutral white light, which is ideal for color matching at any intensity level.

Patient & Operator Comfort

Very Precise Illumination: Help prevent and minimize patient glare.

Cooler running: LED technology eliminates heat output, maximizing patient and operator comfort.

Low Cost of Ownership

Very Energy Efficient: Requires 80% less power than traditional dental lights.

Much Longer Bulb Life: Huge savings on Replacement Bulbs that have a 10-15 year expected life rather than traditional which need to be replaced annually.

Durable Design

DCI’s heavy-duty metal structure and handle design along with high quality components demonstrate a strong commitment to building the highest quality dental equipment.


These Lights come with the DCI 5 Year Warranty

A picture of the DCI 5 Year Warranty button