Air Techniques Peri Pro I X-ray Film Processor

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This Air Techniques Peri Pro 1 X-ray Film Processor comes with a NEW Daylight Loader. Its slim space saving design is just one of the many benefits of this product. It has a Rollerless Transport System which allows for a 5 minute dry to dry ready to read time. It also has an external water drain valve in the base and a refill access door built right into the cover. These design qualities save you a lot of time by making maintenance much faster and easier.

Product specs include:

  • Developer and Fixer tank which both have a 32 oz capacity
  • A Water tank which has a 40 oz capacity
  • Electrical is 115 Volts, and 5 Amps
  • It has an overall (empty) weight of 28 pounds.

You can't go wrong with this ever efficient workhorse. And now you can get it at this Fantastic price.