Marus Over the Patient Dental Delivery Unit with Assistance Pkg

$1799.00 (Excl. tax)

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This is a Completely Refubished Marus Dental Delivery Unit

This Marus Over the Patient Unit has been completely redone. You can see by the pictures that it is as good as new.

Features Include:

  • Mounts on 2" Post
  • 3 Handpiece Automatic Control
  • 2 Air Water Syringes
  • 1 HVE
  • 1 Saliva Ejector
  • Air/Water Foot Control
  • Q.D. Air outlet on utility center—3/8”
  • Q.D. Water outlet and flow control on utility center—1/4”
  • External umbilical (standard length 6’)
  • J-Box

As with all our products this unit is "Patient Ready" so all you have to do is hook it up and go.