Schein Crusader Dental Chair with Delivery, Light, Cuspidor, and Assistants Package

$2995.00 (Excl. canada shipping)

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This Refurbished Schein Crusader Dental Operatory Package is a Steal at This Price!

This is a used chair that has been refurbished and has an “Over the Patient” delivery system, Belmont Style Light, Cuspidor with Assistant’s package, and Phenomenal Upholstery.

Chair Features include:

  • Doctors Delivery has Syringe and 3 Lines.
  • Cuspidor has Assistants Package with Syringe, Water, and HVE
  • Existing Grape Upholstery didn't need to be touched during refurbishing
  • Incredible both mechanically and in appearance

This chair has just undergone a thorough refurbishing and is "Patient Ready" at this low price.

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