A-dec 1021 Cascade Radius Chair with Euro-style Delivery, Assist. Pkg., Dual Touch Pads, 6300 Light, and Matching Stools

$9395.00 (Excl. canada shipping)

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These A-dec 1021 Decade Chairs just finished being refurbished and look beautiful in their existing "Slate Grey" upholstery.

They come with a Radius Package that includes:

  • Euro-Style Delivery
  • Assistants Package
  • 6300 Light
  • Dual Touchpads
  • Water Quick Disconnect
  • Set of Stools in matching "Slate Grey" upholstery.

NOTE: This is a “Freight Item” and Shipping Charges are NOT INCLUDED in the item price. To insure you get the best possible shipping rate at the time of purchase Freight & Handling will be billed separately for each pallet. You can also pick this item up locally so you don’t incur any shipping charges.