Midwest Tradition Non-Fiber Optic Highspeed Push-Button Handpiece

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Midwest Tradition Series 790044 Standard Non Fiber Optic Highspeed Push-button Rebuilt Handpiece

This Midwest Tradition Series Highspeed Handpiece has a Push-Button chucking system that offers smooth, controlled cutting action with high torque through the entire operating speed range. Product highlights include durability under heavy sterilization conditions, a mid-size head that provides high torque with excellent intra-oral access, a fine mist water spray, lightweight stainless steel construction, and easy to clean knurling in the grip area, can be used with regular and short shank burs and diamonds.


  • Company - DENTSPLY Internationa
  • Weight - 51 g
  • Connection Type - Quick-Connect Swivel Hose and Adapter Combination
  • Torque - 13.1 Watts
  • Length Handpiece - 14.2 cm
  • Handpiece Head - 12 mm
  • Maximum RPM - 424,000 RPM
  • Head Diameter10.6 mm
  • Number of Water Spray Ports - 1
  • Swivel Connection -Yes
  • Light - Fiber Optic
  • Chuck TypePower Lever - Push Button
  • Construction - Stainless Steel

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