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Selling Used Dental Equipment

Best Selling Practices and Some Things to Expect When You are Selling Your Used Dental Equipment!

We get so many calls from practices and individuals selling used dental equipment that it can sometimes be overwhelming.  There are many doctors retiring and selling complete practices, there are even more that want to purchase a different piece or even newer equipment, and then there are individuals who got a piece in an auction or sale. Unfortunately the entire selling and buying process does not always go as quickly as the seller would like and frustration can set in. But if you prepare yourself properly, and do a few fundamental things, it can go much smoother because you know what to expect.

Here are some ideas to make your selling experience go a little easier.

  • Make an inventory of all your pieces with a short description of each piece if possible. Basically it needs to describe how long you’ve had it, if it is in working condition (if not then when the last time it was), and if there has been a maintenance schedule in place.
  • Take as many photos of your equipment as you can. Show each side of the pieces. This will enable the viewer to see the condition of the entire item. One of the worst things you can do is bend the truth or hide something not quite right about your equipment.
  • In your photos get as many of the equipments information plates as possible as well as any modifications you may have made to the item. All of this will help the purchaser identify exactly what you have.
  • Email your inventory and photos to your prospective buyers. It is best to use a reduced file size if you are going to be sending a lot of them via email. But if you are going to use a cloud based application insure you send the pass-code enabled link so they can be viewed by the receiver.
  • In your email be sure and note where the equipment is located and if there is a certain date that the equipment needs to be removed.
  • Include your practice and personal information so you can be contacted.
  • Many times you will hear back quickly, but it can also take a few to several days sometimes for a response.

What happens at the other end?

  • Upon receipt companies will take your photos and information and review it for quality and value.
  • If it is not items they are looking for at the time then they will usually respond in such.
  • If you are selling something they are looking for then they will contact you with an offer for purchase.
  • If you are satisfied with the offer then payment/shipping will be discussed and you will complete your transaction.

A few things you should try and understand about your used equipment.

Many times sellers highly over value their own used equipment. It’s served them well for years and still looks great. Sadly the reality is that it is not worth what you may think and definitely not what you paid for it. Besides normal wear and tear and it’s mechanical condition there are other factors that also work into the actual value of a piece of used dental equipment.

  • It will have to be removed and transported
  • It will have to be refurbished
  • It will have to be listed and resold with a Warranty
  • It just may not be a very desirable piece of equipment

Hang in there and don’t give up!

There is still a lot of older equipment that is desirable. The old adage “They don’t make it like they used to” definitely comes into play with dental equipment. There are many professionals that want nothing to do with the new stuff for many reasons. So don’t lose hope because your equipment might still be worth something. There is more than one equipment purchaser so don’t let the first no stop you.

Just be ready because it’s usually a lengthy process!

The main thing to do is prepare everything that will allow you to present your used dental equipment in an honest and concise manner. Give yourself plenty of time so you don’t become frustrated or irritated.  Do your prep work and you will have an easier time as well as a better chance at selling your used dental equipment with the least effort at the best price available.

Under-Sell and Over-Deliver

What or Who is ABC Dental Works?

We are the home of Under-Sell and Over-Deliver.

ABC Dental Works is a small US Veteran owned business in Lecanto, Florida that refurbishes, sells, and repairs used dental equipment. We do sell new equipment and parts, but our main focus is used and especially refurbished equipment. We are a small company so when you call us you will talk to a real person without all the robo numbers. The main tech is our owner (with over 15 year’s experience) and is at the business pretty much every day (unless he’s on a delivery/install). All equipment refurbishing is done in-house at ABC Dental Works so we know the equipment we sell on a personal level. Our prices are low and our quality is high!

What is ABC Dental Works main focus?

We want to help businesses both old and new succeed.

We are honestly here to help businesses not only save money, but also to learn the proper operation and maintenance of their equipment. Many times we take calls just to give advice, instruction, or even direction to find something we don’t have in stock. And we earnestly strive to keep our prices as low as possible so that the quality is affordable for anyone. With these practices we as a small company have built a solid reputation and consistently receive many great “Word of Mouth” customers.

Why Refurbished and Used Dental Equipment?

We believe the slightly older equipment was made with much more quality.

We really don’t like much of the new stuff coming out. Either it’s purely electronic, it’s manufactured cheaply overseas, or both. And also there is a ton of savings on quality refurbished equipment. Because we do repairs and service we get many phone calls from owners that have a fairly new piece of equipment (like a chair) that burned a circuit and with it disabled their entire system. So now their delivery, light, assistants station, and even cuspidor isn’t doing them one bit of good. More problematic than that is the fact that many times the “certified mechanic” from the company they purchased it from can’t get there for days or even worse can’t fix it on the first visit. They can be completely out of service for a week or more. We can’t even imagine the amount of money that would cost a business. That is just one of the many reasons we like the time tested and workhorse equipment we refurbish, service, and sell.

Why buy from ABC Dental Works?

We sell high quality equipment at a fraction of the cost of new.

We sell beautiful and functional equipment that is not only going to last longer, but will also cost a fraction of the money for the kind of quality that is being purchased. Just because a piece of equipment is older doesn’t mean it is “old.” When we are done refurbishing the item it has been completely stripped down and restored. New hoses, blocks, paint, upholstery, wiring, switches, you name it. If it was even semi-rough it gets repaired or replaced. It becomes a piece of equipment that is like new in appearance and functionality, and will last for just as many (and often times more) years as the newer much less reliable and more expensive equipment.

What makes ABC Dental Works tick?

We get to make and see some very happy people.

One of the most satisfying aspects of our business is the response from people when they finally lay their eyes on their refurbished product.  It never grows old watching as the reality sets in that they have purchased an absolutely beautiful piece of equipment. And another pleasure arrives when they test it and comprehend two things. One is that is that it is going to look absolutely gorgeous in their practice. And two is that it will also be functioning strong for many years to come. It’s also quite affirming through the years when they contact you and tell you how their competitors “buy it cheap” equipment has fallen into such disarray while theirs is still making them money daily.

What is ABC Dental Works Main Ideals?

We believe in customer service, and quality equipment.

As American Veterans we have a lot of pride in our country and stick to American Made equipment as much as possible. Well over 90% of everything we sell is made in the USA. But you can rest assured even if we sell other equipment like Scican Statims (made in Canada) that it is going to be extremely High Quality Only! We don’t believe in selling something just because it’s cheaper for two main reasons. Quality is number one, and secondly we know that customer satisfaction and our reputation stands on every sale. That is why at ABC Dental Works we will always Under-sell and Over-deliver.




The Beauty of Shipping Refurbished Dental Equipment

Working in a dental equipment refurbishing company I have a few different jobs…and they can all be fulfilling in their own different ways. But if I had to choose one as a favorite I would have to say my favorite part of the job is shipping. Each time we send something to a customer it becomes a huge learning experience and can really be visually beautiful and mentally fulfilling.

we sent refurbished dental equipment to marco island florida

Okay… I know that’s probably not what you expected but I don’t really mean the crating and packaging part. I know the different used and refurbished dental products have their own unique packaging puzzles and that’s cool enough, but it’s not the part that is so intriguing to me. The part of shipping that is so much fun is filling out the shipping details section.

Wait just a minute… don’t say I am crazy yet. I am not talking about the dimensions, weight, item, pallet size, etc. as that is all pretty redundant after a while. What makes shipping so intriguing is of course the address!

That’s right… the address!!!

Why the address you ask?!

Well it’s pretty simple actually… whenever you are setting up shipping you have to check and make certain that the customer provided shipping address is a good deliverable address by your particular shipping company. And I don’t mean whether it’s a business or residential address either. I mean particularly the zip code.we shipped used dental equipment to anchorage alaska

Yes it is with the zip code that all the fun starts.

Let me explain…

Whenever I do an address check I like to use Google Maps. I just open up Google Maps in my browser and type the address into the search bar and I am shown the layout in the city where the business resides. It of course lets me know two things… that the address is correct, and whether it is business or residential.

“Oh! That Sounds Sooooo Exciting”… you say! Well that’s not the good part. What you do next is when the magic starts…

we shipped refurbished dental lights to las vegas nevadaMove your cursor into the lower left hand corner of the map and click on the “Satellite” view and…BAM… that is where the amazement begins!
Suddenly your senses are bombarded with images and beauty that is hardly ever the same twice. You might find yourself in the middle of a mountain range, surrounded by lakes, at the beach, on the edge of a dessert region, in a snow surrounded bay, on an island paradise, in a country town, a bustling city, an age old village in another country, or even see a world famous landmark. It can be ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!!!

If you have time (or even jot down the zip code for later) you can then do a search in your favorite web browser and learn a little bit about the city or country you are looking at. It will amaze you the different regions, climates, eco-systems, and more that are in not just this country, but all around the world. Even without delving further than the map it is always amazing. And since it would be next to impossible to go to all these places in person it’s like taking a mini-vacation right at your desk.we shippid a refurbished dental autoclave to niagra falls

I do a lot of really amazing things working at a dental equipment refurbishing company. To see a piece of used dental equipment come in and go through the rigorous and lengthy process to come out as a beautiful piece of refurbished dental equipment is amazing. It starts as something that is not up to standards and becomes a piece of artwork that has a whole new life breathed into it. It is always a treat and quite incredible to watch and be part of.

But even as much as I enjoy seeing the refurbishing process (as well as other parts of my job) it doesn’t give me the same daily inspiration that I receive from seeing the vast diversity of natural and man-made beauty from around the world that I am able to witness through the shipping process!

we shipped a used dental xray to nova scotia

Small Budget Big Equipment

A very difficult task for us is…

…is that so many times we come across clients that do no maintenance and yet they just want to move their old dental equipment into a new room/addition/office even if it is has just been picture of dental chair that has been sitting idle for agessitting around for years. We try our best to explain that the equipment needs to be completely gone through and tested for serviceability. But there is always the “Our small budget isn’t allowing for any added expense, just hook it up and make it work as is!” And what they have done at this point is sealed their own doom and unknowingly started unraveling the fabric of their money bag!

We don’t like doing it because…

…we can get everything working just fine “as-is” but inevitably the bugs start setting in. The chair suddenly won’t go up and down (due to a circuit board that has been sitting idle collecting moisture over time), or the saliva ejector won’t pass any fluid (due to the old internal build-up starting to break up from it’s sudden use), or many, many, many, many (did I mention MANY) other gremlins that can come from equipment that has been sitting for a long time.

So now it’s our fault…

…that what they now have is a major problem (the fabric has unraveled and the money can start falling out). The unit is in operation and to shut it down for repairs costs money and patient juggling/cancellations. And then there is the repair cost and time which causes more bottle-necking in the flow of your daily operation. And many times it’s not a major problem but rather a little one last week, another one yesterday, and more coming in the near future. All of this is due to not giving the respect to the equipment before you start using it.

We tried telling them but did they listen…

…that many times doctors will end up paying over twice to fix something than they would have to just test it all to begin with. An even smarter option is to buy some good refurbished dental equipment to replace your old stuff. refurbished chair that costs less in the long runYou can purchase a model of the same or comparable unit which not only brings it up to date (and much more appealing with new upholstery, lines, paint, etc.), but also can end up costing you less than everything that has been spent in the unit that was used. The big bonus is that you don’t run into all the downtime which we know costs thousands of dollars.

A tip from us is…

…that the best thing to do is seriously consider your small budget as a long-term investment. Spend it wisely on equipment that is going to operate well and last for a long time. A small budget can still get you “like new” equipment which will bring you peace of mind that your daily operations will flow smoothly and efficiently for many years to come.

An office with a “Small Budget” can still reap the rewards of “Big Equipment” you just have to do your homework and pay attention. Read More Here…

Remember that we are always here to help you with any equipment questions you may have. We are okay if you don’t purchase from us…we just want you to be safe and invest your money wisely.


Getting things together!!!

Yes… Like that is ever going to happen!

LOL! We continue to work on the move from the old shop. It is always amazing when you find just how many items you have neatly tucked away into all the nooks and crannies of your establishment. There is new dental equipment, refurbished dental equipment, used dental equipment, office furniture, office machines, office supplies, shelving, handtrucks, tools…the list goes on and on. And of course there is at least one or two “So THAT’S Where That Went” comments! But we refuse to give up and will continue with this daunting task until we are either done or until “forever” whichever comes first.

And honestly at this point I would lay odds on the latter!

Picture of a gaggle of refurbished dental chairs


Why Buy Refurbished

Why Buy Used or Refurbished Dental Equipment?

We get this question all the time…

So we made this very simple quick video with just the high points of why buying used and refurbished dental equipment is a good idea.


We try to point out these positive aspects to our customers…

  • You Save Money on Quality Equipment (up to 50% or more) which you can then put back in your business
  • You Don’t Pay the 2% MDE Tax
  • A lot are trade-ins so it is still very good equipment, and after refurbishing it is “Like New” equipment
  • From us it is Professionally Refurbished which means it is disassembled, and reconditioned, repainted, rewired, refitted with new parts, and more as needed
  • We stand behind our quality so we cover all purchased equipment with a warranty
  • Refurbished Imaging Equipment generally costs half the price of new (wow)!
  • You are making a positive Environmental Investment.
  • OEM and Third Party ISO’s will happily service a refurbished system.
  • Finance Companies will happily fund both refurbished equipment and the soft costs that go along.

Please let us know of any questions or concerns you may have about equipment. Even if you don’t purchase from us we will gladly and honestly help you in your search for the equipment you need.



New ABC Dental Works Blog

WELCOME to our Blog!

Today we start a new journey into the blogosphere to see if we can help with many of the questions we receive from customers and info seekers.

What is the difference between used and refurbished dental equipment? How long does it take to refurbish a piece of dental equipment? Can you just repair part of my piece of dental equipment or does it need a complete overhaul? What are the benefits of buying refurbished dental equipment over new dental equipment? Will the refurbished dental equipment last as long as the new dental equipment? Will the used and refurbished dental equipment allow me to do all the procedures I can do with new dental equipment? If I have a warning light on my used equipment can you help me get it running or do I need to replace it or send it in for repair?

Are you really refurbishers or do you just sell old equipment?