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Belmont Bel-Ray II 097 AC Intra-Oral X-Ray

$3400.00 (Excl. canada shipping)

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This is a used Belmont Bel-Ray II 097 AC Intra-Oral X-Ray that has been tested and is in excellent working and cosmetic condition.

Belmont says: The 097 Bel-Ray II X-ray delivers reproducible, high-quality periapical radiographs and employs simple, intuitive controls for exposure parameter settings.

Its Features Include:

  • Compact microprocessor control module with patient type, tooth type, cone type, film speed, and exposure time selection switches
  • Control module can be installed on wall or on the central power console
  • Digital-ready switch
  • 70kVp
  • 4-7mA (selectable)
  • 0.7mm focal spot
  • 0.02-3.2 second exposure time
  • 8" Cone length
  • 31.5" Horizontal arm
  • Wall plate for mounting on 16" centers
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